Joey Bragg, Jack Griffo & G Hannelius Join 'Sid Is Dead' Movie

Date Added: 10/18/2018

Joey Bragg and Jack Griffo are set to star in Sid Is DeadDeadline reports.

The two young actors will join G Hannelius and Tyler Alvarez in the flick, which begins shooting this month.

The movie centers on a socially invisible high school senior, Sid (Bragg) who, after slipping up and getting the school’s biggest bully suspended, realizes he may only have two weeks left to experience everything he’s ever missed out on.

Tyler is Jim, Sid’s best friend who is desperately trying to fit in with the popular kids while also eyeing all the girls at school. G will play Tiff, the hottest girl in school, girlfriend of the school bully, and Sid’s long-time crush.

Meanwhile, Jack will play Eric, the captain of the hockey team who discovers that his true passion may be off the ice through the help of Sid.